Holidays in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long – the beautiful, mystical bay on Vietnam’s eastern shore. This bay is six hundred square miles of scenic magnificence with over 3,000 limestone islands rise up from emerald green waters like towering stone spires. Arches, caves, sheer cliffs and secluded coves create an extraordinary seascape of limestone formations.

Ha Long Bay is located in the northeastern part of Vietnam, that’s why there are 4 distinct seasons in Ha Long Bay in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has its exclusively beautiful features and brings you different memorable experiences. Therefore, visiting Ha Long at any time is full of pleasures. For my own experience, I go to Ha Long in cold weather to experience the dazzling colors and pristine beauty of this famous bay.

Winter in Ha Long Bay lasts from November to March which lead to cold weather, getting colder in January and February. The temperature is from 12*C to 20*C. It is not ideal for swimming; however, winter is a really good time to visit Ha Long bay and discover its hidden charm; this time rises as high season of tourism.

Traveling as visitors, people will have the feeling that the winter seems quite pleasant with sunny weather and cool ambience. Besides, Christmas is the busiest and best time to visit the bay. In recent years, traveling to Ha Long in the winter is increasingly attractive for tourists, especially European visitors which usually prefer to travel on occasion of Christmas. On many online forums, the youth share experience that it was interesting to go to Ha Long winters because of sunny, winter wind, deep sea, etc. All are very attractive compared to the summer; furthermore, they do not have to worry about running out of room. You will be fascinated by the foggy sky which covers mostly around the gulf. On these occasions, the bay is calm, quieter than in the real peak season, and with little wind, holiday-makers can expect excellent conditions for cruising. It has become increasing popular in recent years. This is, of course, hardly surprising. The crystal clear, blue water contrasts beautifully with the two thousand limestone huge mountain of the whole area.

In winter, most of the vegetation is not as abundant as in spring. All the rocks seem more taciturn and quieter. However, since the green vegetable season is somewhat limited, natural mother favorably compensate for Bay a specialty thing calls fog. On some heavy foggy day, it looks like the strong vapor can be cut into definite shape. On the other hand, on wonderful days, fog drift up over the surface water and create romantic vistas. Not only standing on the sundeck but climbing up the island, visitors can have an overview all the beauty of Ha Long Bay in the mist. The view from here at this time of the year is amazing. The fogs drift slightly on the waterfront, the only things people can see is the floating rock islands that look like chiffon scarf. Many people often compare Ha Long like a giant feng-shui paintings cause of experiencing Ha Long in these days. In the mist, Titov Island, Ga Choi Islet, Three Peaches, Cua Van Floating village all look fanciful and mythical.

If you are traveling in the early morning in winter weather, guests will be attracted of real images, sounds of daily life of the fishermen. After a night fishing, the small boats usually assemble together into groups of four to five. In those boats, there is often a small family living and the wife is responsible for cooking breakfast, she use mainly what they catch to make the food and support for family. Unlike on mainland, the children in the villages or on fishing vessels often wake up very early to go to the market to sell fish even cold winter. After that, they can go to a little floating house that they call school and enlarge their knowledge. Winter comes and goes, but the lives of fishermen in Ha Long bay still remains.

It is not surprising that Ha Long Bay has been rewarded by some many different organizations over the years. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site, because of its outstanding natural beauty. It was then voted as one of the “Seven Wonders of Nature” in a global poll. CNN, Time magazine and many other world travel companies have included it in their top ten destinations anywhere on earth. Ha Long Bay is so simply, one of the finest vacation destinations in the world that travelers will enjoy the scenic beauty, flora and faunas whenever they visit. It makes a pleasant change though, to find a truly great location, that isn’t completely governed by the time in which you visit. Whether you chose peak season or the quieter winter months, you are guaranteed to be completely enthralled, taking home memories to last a lifetime.

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