Pho Vietnam

Pho Vietnam

Culinary is extremely variety and unique in all religions around the world. Ramen is a typical aliment of Japan nation, Udon noodles soaked taste of Korean food, Pad Thai in other way fully reflect Thailand food flavor. Mentioned to Spaghetti, we think of the romantic Italian Republic. And Pho of Vietnam can be considered as symbolic representative for our country.

The feeling when people stay in city and eat a bowl of Pho is very different with enjoying in sundeck of a ship in Ha Long Bay. Visit Indochina Sails you will not only have satisfied feeling but unforgettable memories as well. Experienced cooks of Indochina sails will introduce passengers a wide range of delicious Vietnamese traditional dishes made of local seafood and fresh materials that you never savor in advance. The luxury, large and cozy dining room are perfectly designed to let people freely enjoy the miraculous view of Ha Long Bay.

Have you ever tasted anything like noodles in a soup before? Pho (approximately pronounced "fuh") may just be soup noodles, a dish of broth, meat and noodles not much different than that found across Asia. But in Vietnam it arouses considerable passions, traditional and converges all of the culinary elite. There is general agreement that pho requires a rich, steaming broth kept at a low simmer, often for as long as 12 hours. Fresh, thick rice noodles are the other main ingredient, although dried noodles in a packet have made their dismal presence felt. But after the broth and the noodles, the debate begins. The simplest variety of pho has only slices of beef or chicken, while more intricate versions have everything from meatballs to beef tendon to tripe to raw eggs. In pho, cinnamon and star anise lead the charge, with assists from cloves and cardamom. Those are cooked individually, placed in a basket and thrust into a pot of boiling water for a couple seconds before finding their way into the soup.

It is such a pretty precious day when you have leisure time to enjoy sunlight in Indochina Sails’ vessel while eating a bowl of pho. The sunrise, the blue sky, wide ocean, slantwise wind, mysterious rocks, majestic scenery and charming taste of food will make you thrill with delight. All of them are great in the morning.

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