How far you can go?

Someone said that "All roads lead to Rome”, perhaps with me that is the desire journey to find the meaning of life. If Huyen Chip boldly dare to leave behind everything just to "take a backpack and go" to find her dream and simply leave her name on a book; to me, I have not the courage to forsake everything all like her to come with new horizons, but at least I have my own way to realize dreams. Thus I go to Ha Long to experience a different life, change the atmosphere to find the values of the soul.

Ha Long welcome me by gorgeous Bai Chay Bridge with the spectacular cable-stayed along; which connect Hon Gai and Bai Chay city. Sitting on boat with enthusiastic and excited mood, I see a lot of large and small boats around, I seems to be breathless in the thought of "Just a few minutes I would have chance to set foot on the cruise. How it could be? What would I do?" And to tell the truth, Indochina Sails Cruise did not let me down.

Love by eyes.

It is always said that the love comes from heart, but no one can deny "eyes looking" and then the heart loves. I guarantee that you will fall in love with the cruise name Indochina Sails at first sight. It is really a state-of-the-art vessel, such a beautiful, luxurious and super big boat for my imagination. The ship is made from totally wood with deep tones characteristic gives the warm and extremely familiar feeling. All the cabins are clean, spacious with fully-equipped facilities that can compare with any world class hotels. The dining and entertainment room have quite first-rate facilities, elegantly decorated, with exquisite combination of impressive-design interior, comfort for using. Sundeck is incredibly boundless; almost standing on it we can capture the entire sky in our eyes. Everything is marvelous overload and combined absolutely ton-sur-ton with each other.

Love by heart.

For the first time I landed my feet on Indochina Sails, I heard the lyrics of "Hello Vietnam" echoing in space. It was indeed such a passionate melody and the sounds seemed deeply touch to my bare skin, I felt like my heart was healed. By the time I had been waited for check in, staff brought me a cup of water with eye-catching color and very special taste. I did not know exactly what beverage called; notwithstanding, it knocked me out. It came from the slightly spicy taste of ginger mixed with the cool of peppermint; so that exotic drink made me totally awake, escaped from the sleepiness that the cool breeze of the sea brought to me. The music mingled with the smell of incense charming wooden ship, vague light in the dining room created a contrast in opposition to the deck. The former was the aromatic scent and charisma of flowers and drinks, the latter was the taste the cool, airy, not too salty sea of ​​but bright and free. Nothing was more satisfied than the feeling when stood on the deck, stretched straightly your hand inspired cool breezes of the sea, and felt like as if I had the wings, I would fly to the fairytale land where I have often dream about.

If sunset in Ha Long Bay is magical, the landscape at night becomes even more sparkling. Visitors can view the twinkling lights from all the boats bobbing in the Bay; they will absolutely admire the beauty of night on Bai Tho Mountain and seascape around. Standing on the deck, feeling the sound of the waves beat into the boat and the rock, you will recognize a clear view of the mountain’s shape thanks to light from the other overnight cruise or the fishing boats on the bay. Ha Long by night shows all magical side under moonlit night. The moon shone down the bay, the water looks like iridescent mercury, rocks are covered in the gold moonlight. And it is so fantastic when the sun down, the party night of Ha Long starts. For the first time I have chance to witness a food carving class hold by Indochina Sails.

On a small table in the lights shimmering, a skilled master was painstakingly peeling, cutting, trimming, and shaping for the senseless daily vegetables. After a few minutes shaping skillfully and proficiently, artistic things gradually showed up. They were so gifted, beautiful and excellently convey introspective thinking of the maker. Fortunately I arrived at Ha Long bay in autumn, the weather is not too hot or too cold; however, the wind is still cool. Compared with blue and high sky in the cities, Ha Long bay’s sky seems to be higher, opener and vaster than ever. If guests want to swim, they will have opportunities to choose between swimming around the giant cruise and being immersed in white sand on a magical beach in Titov Island.

It’s incredible how much a simple thing like traveling to another place will affect your outlook on life. Things like not being able to find your way back to where you came from make you appreciate the little things in life. Looking back on the day, I realize now that we should enjoy every moment, every second, every time we have got. Surprises like this were, and always will be, an unexpected gift for all.

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