What people might think wrong about luxury cruises of Halong Bay

Speaking about traveling to Vietnam, all of us already knew that we cannot miss the Halong bay, one of the world’s seven wonders. And seeing it by our own eyes is way better than reading the information or looking at photos on internet. But what could be a better way to enjoy that treasure than joining an overnight cruise trip? And luxury cruises are one choice that so worth the money. The question is, why?

Before every trip, almost everybody has to prepare well for everything. The preparation will be about the accommodation, the places, the food, the services, the transfer, etc. and of course the prices. And choosing an overnight cruise is just like considering all those elements since you will stay on the cruise, sleep on the cruise, eat on the cruise and have fun there. Normally many people will choose cruises with reasonable or low price because they think that they should save money for other things that worth more. But it’s not a very clever choice. Why don’t you spend the money on the right place, like luxury type for your vacations? For sure luxury cruises in Halong provide these services very well.

First, talking about the quality of the cruise, luxury cruise companies in Halong provide big ships, large cabins, or many more other conveniences. No need to say too much for you to know the difference between these ranges, right? But maybe the thing that you are wondering is: is it worth to spend money for these “high-price” cruises? The answer is yes. For example, one of the outstanding luxury cruise trips in Halong must mention about the Indochina Sails. It’s a five-star cruise, offers almost 30 cabins equipped with modern facilities; the cabin size expands nearly till 20 m2 with private bathroom to create the most comfortable for the stayers. So the first impress was success!

Second thing about the luxury cruises is the public spaces, for example the dining room or the terrace. Let’s also take the Indochina Sails as an example. Based on the advantage of size, the cruise can provide a wide space of dining room and bar, with tables next to window for maximum view. Who doesn’t want to eat in a super relaxing space? Otherwise the cruise also has a lounge for passenger to enjoy their time.

They even provide a floating bar following you so you can order drinks anytime during your trips. Of course the drinks could not be varied like a supermarket but hey, we must agree that the method couldn’t be more convenient, right?

And the food on board for sure is excellent, from the taste, the quality, the hygienic, the quantity to the presentation. You will know exactly what you are putting money to. No more doubt that you can be very satisfied when joining a luxury cruise trip as Vietnamese people has a sentence which is “you will get what you pay for”. Many passengers leaved big compliments for the Indochina Sails particularly and for luxury cruises on Halong bay generally. So once you decide to enjoy the world, why don’t you enjoy it in the best way?

What are you still waiting for? Let’s make a researching for the cruise that you favor, choose one, lift your backpack and go! An honest advice for you, spend a little more money but gain a lot more memorable experience and memories. So, why not?

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