Once In A Supermoon

We all love the full Moon. Its beautiful disk and spectacular light are always a memorable sight. Its presence in the sky is always an exceptional opportunity to grab wonderful images, including other natural elements and/or precious monuments. But the next 14 Nov. 2016 full Moon will be super, actually a “Supermoon”. What will make the 14 Nov. full Moon so special?

This year, we have three Supermoons: on October, November and December. Many of them, but the November one is special: not only it is the closest of 2016, this making its angular diameter the largest of the year, but it is the most “super” one from 1948 to 2034. While a Supermoon has really no special meaning, but just a popular appeal, it is an excellent opportunity to invite people to look up.

While you have seen a lot of full Moons in your life, you do not have a photographic memory of it. After all, this Supermoon will be about 12% larger than a average full Moon: such a difference can be noticed by experienced observers, but not by occasional Moon gazers. But you can grab a much better “proof”: if you take a picture of this Supermoon and will image a future full Moon with the very same setup (same camera and lens/telescope), you will see it by comparing them!

It would be a great idea to contemplate the SUPERMOON when cruising on Halong Bay on Indochina Sails. We invite you to go out there and enjoy this upcoming super “Supermoon”. If you look at it at its rising, you will have the impression it will be even lager (this is an optical illusion, of course, but a spectacular one), simply because foreground elements will serve for comparison. This is also a wonderful opportunity to capture stunning sights, framing the Moon with your most loved monument or natural elements.

Wishing you all a great time admiring the upcoming Supermoon on 14th November!!

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