Luxurious Halong Bay Indochina Sails Junk Cruise (Part 1)

Choosing your Junk Cruise Boat

Ok, so you will be encountered with a few choices of cruises, however we have made the selection easy for you here. You can get on the 2 Days/1 Night which stays mainly around the Halong Bay area, or you can take a 3Days/2 Nights cruise option, where you can check out much more. Halong Bay can get a bit crowded with tourists. On our trip, and the one that we are recommending to you, we took option two. We chose to stay a little longer and check out Halong Bay, as well as Bai Tu Long Bay. And we loved it! Here are some positives and negatives about both, so you are ready for your travels.

Halong Bay


Halong Bay is a very beautiful place with many small islands, famous Amazing Cave and Titov Island. You can climb to the top of the Titov mountain and gaze over a spectacular view of Halong Bay. The sea is calm and safer. Here you are surrounded by million islands, so there are no large waves in sight. The Caves are amazing, and yes, that is a real name of the cave, no jokes. If you are looking for relaxation, there are many more activities like lazing around on the beach, kayaking and many more.


More crowded with many tourists since almost all tourists try to visit this beautiful place.


If you choose the 3 Days/2 Nights itinerary, you will be able to see both, the main areas, as well as less touristy trails.

Bai Tu Long Bay


Bai Tu Long Bay in comparison to Halong Bay, it is very quiet. Since there are only two sail companies travelling to this destination, you will have more time for uninterrupted and blissful relaxation here.


If the weather turns, you may need a few sea sickness tablets to keep you going. Kayaking may be a little bit less exciting in the waves.

Ps: we had awesome weather here as well.

Indochina Sails Junk Cruise purchased a cave called Thien Canh Son and it has been decorated for the visitors to check out. Since the caves in Bai Tu Long Bay are small, only small groups can visit the cave at the same time. Not enough space and not as nice views as at Halong Bay.


If you choose the 3 Days/2 Nights itinerary, you will be able to combine both positive things about the destinations, thus creating double awesome cruise!

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