Ha Long Bay with the Family: Tips and Tricks if you’re bringing the Kids

Tucked away in the Northeast of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is increasingly being recognised as one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders. With a breath-taking landscape of jungle-ridden islands connected only by the calm waters of an emerald lagoon, it is no surprise that Ha Long Bay has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ha Long Bay, a must see in Southeast Asia, is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination whether it’s for honeymooners or retirees. And that is the beauty of Ha Long – there is something for everyone. For those planning on a family cruise through Ha Long Bay, there are certain safety and entertainment factors that will inevitably be of concern. Luckily, Indochina Sails has all your questions answered.

“Cruising through the same landscapes used in blockbuster movies King Kong and Peter Pan”

Indochina Sails – Safety & Policy

With a combined experience of over fifteen years operating on the waters of Ha Long Bay, you couldn’t be in better company than with Indochina Sails. With a variety of vessels and accommodation to satisfy any requirement, Indochina Sails has set the bar high for cruises in Ha Long Bay.

Safety is of paramount importance for Indochina Sails and appropriate measures are in place on every ship. From life jackets to on-board emergency tender boats, Indochina displays progressive and international safety standards.

For the traveller, holiday preparation is always crucial, but travelling with children requires that extra bit of planning in advance. It is recommended that visitors do some online research (via TripAdvisor, Travel Blogs, etc), and notify Indochina Sails or a chosen travel agent if they intend on cruising as a family. Advice can then be given accordingly and any other safety matters ranging from accommodation to dietary requirements can be discussed.

Comfort & Convenience

Just a three-hour drive separates Ha Long from Hanoi – a relatively short journey compared to most distances covered whilst travelling. Indochina Sails do the hard work for you, allowing visitors to relax and make the most of the company’s shuttle-bus service which provides a door-to-door pick up. Alternatively, families can hire a private car to allow for that extra legroom or more freedom whilst making the journey.

In terms of accommodation, if you’re after a more exclusive Ha Long cruise experience, the Valentine and Valentine Premium vessels are the perfect size,consisting of five and two cabins respectively. This allows for a more intimate experience in which the whole family can remain together,since the number of other guests is limited. For any other inquiries or to browse further accommodation options, simply visit the Indochina Sails website for a step-by-step guide to booking your ideal cruise.

On Board Services

Nothing quite has the ability to make or break your day like a good meal, and Indochina Sails cuts no corners with their on-board catering service.

If you’re a fan of seafood then it comes as no surprise that you’ll be in for a treat, but fear not if there are dietary necessities or fussy eaters amongst your company - simply notify Indochina Sails and all requirements will be catered for. Everyone knows that a good meal is the best way to anyone’s heart, and with Indochina Sails, the customer always comes first.

From sunbathing to kayaking, there is a variety of activities to entertain customers – and if any movie fans are on-board, they’ll love cruising through the same landscapes used in blockbuster movies King Kong and Peter Pan. Itineraries are designed to maximize your holiday experience and there’s a good diversity to satisfy all the family. Available activities include:

  • Swimming

  • Excursions to Private Bays and Untouched Islands

  • Floating Village Tours

  • On Board Massages

  • Sunrise Thai Chi

After a long day and after having watched the sun set beyond the horizon, on board activities including film screenings, board games, food carving, and night fishing are available when you’re not busy indulging in a freshly cooked dinner.

A trip to Vietnam would be incomplete without a visit to Ha Long Bay, and a visit to Ha Long Bay would be lacking without the company of Indochina Sails. Indochina Sails tick all the right boxes when it comes to quality and comfort cruising, and thanks to owning a fleet of ships, any need is able to be catered for. Owing to years of experience and a dedicated Indochina Sails team, it has never been so easy to travel in style whilst accommodating for the whole family.

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