Vietnam is Becoming a Hot Destination for Tai Chi Lovers

Embodying profound philosophical Chinese ideologies, Tai Chi Chuan (more commonly known as Tai Chi) focuses on an ancient spiritual connection between the mind, body and soul. Tai Chi induces a harmony between the body and mind, as you slow down your movements and thoughts to a more mindful pace. This Chinese cultural relic is experiencing a renaissance, as its health benefits are finally being appreciated by the wider global community.

taichi on sundeck indochina sails halong bay

Sharing its northern border with China, Vietnam has been blessed with a rich Chinese cultural influence ranging from people and language, to food and time (both countries use the Chinese Lunar Calendar). With a great number of practitioners, the Vietnamese culture of Tai Chi is also very strong and it is now becoming a core cultural experience for tourists visiting the country. Whether its through spectating local people practicing by sunrise on the street corners, or through a lesson – Tai Chi is certainly something worth baring witness to whilst in any South East Asian country.

With over twenty-years’ experience operating tours in the South China Sea, Indochina Sails have pioneered the perfect cruise experience on the calm waters of the world-famous Ha Long Bay. Having hosted thousands of guests from around the world, we are proud to offer the most luxury cruise in Ha Long Bay. With thousands of tropical islands with hidden beaches scattering the Bay, Ha Long is an ideal place to practice Tai Chi, for which Indochina Sails provides sunrise classes.

taichi on sundeck indochinasails halong bay

Three top places to practice Tai Chi:


With a rich socio, cultural, economic and political history Vietnam offers a rich world of adventure just waiting to be discovered. With great cultural, religious and environmental diversity, the countries exotic landscape is scattered with beautiful locations (both natural and built) perfect for relaxation. Visit rainforests, the beach, mountains or pagodas, take off your shoes and take the time to connect with yourself. You won’t regret it.


This stretch of the Vietnamese coastline hasn’t been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for nothing. A trip to Vietnam would be incomplete without a visit to these world-renowned waters. With private sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and an abundance of tropical islands, Ha Long Bay is a popular destination for many people looking to peace and calm in a fast-paced world filled with distractions. Partake in a morning Tai Chi class or wait until sunset to feel the sand beneath your feet through dusk. There are many other peaceful activities to experience whilst you are here so you can really make the most of your time.


Every morning on your Indochina Sails cruise of Ha Long Bay, our professional Tai Chi instructed takes a free class on the sundeck of the boat which is open to all of our guests. Our experienced Tai Chi master practices forty-two forms of this one martial art so whether you consider yourself a professional or complete beginner, he’ll be sure to take you through your paces. This class provides guests the opportunity to join in a slow-paced series of flowing body movements in a beautiful and friendly environment. Finding a balance between your body, mind and soul can’t get much easier than in this relaxing environment. This session is followed with fresh coffee, pastries and a calm atmosphere back on the main-deck.

taichi on sundeck Indochina Sails Halong Bay

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