Reasons to Visit Ha Long Bay

Just a two-hour journey from the ancient city of Hanoi, Ha Long Bay is increasingly being recognized as one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders. As tourists are becoming increasingly curious about what this part of the world has to offer, we thought we’d compile a definitive list:

  • Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – With a breath-taking landscape of jungle-ridden islands connected only by the calm waters of an emerald lagoon, it is no surprise that Ha Long Bay has recently been recognised as a Natural Wonder of the World, in addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For any beach-lover, this is the holy grail.

  • Beautiful Beaches – Almost two-thousand islands are scattered across the emerald waters of Ha Long Bay, and so there’s an abundance of sites to see including countless sandy beaches. Warm waters and white sand go hand-in-hand to make for an unforgettable beach experience, and Ha Long Bay ticks both of these boxes. Several beaches are particularly famous and have attracted world -renowned visitors including Hollywood actors and politicians. Soak up the sun, take a refreshing dip, and sip on a cold coconut whilst enjoying the incredible surroundings.

  • Incredible Caves – As a general rule on this planet we call home, to understand the landscape, we must account for the geology. In this case, the breath-taking scenery of Ha Long is a product of the underlying karst limestone that has been carved by the monsoon rains and gentle lagoon waters over millions of years. Extensive cave systems have also developed underground, stretching for hundreds of meters with stalagmites and stalactites of dizzying heights. The most famous caves in the region are Sung Sot, Thien Cung and Dau Go which attract thousands of tourists each year.

  • Various Cruise Options – Relaxing on a cruise ship is a luxury that few are able to afford back home, so tourists often capitalise on the opportunity to cruise through the most famous waters in Vietnam for a great price. There are many types of cruisers to choose from ranging from traditional junks to modern ships. Trips are available as half day, full day, and multi-day with overnight stays so guests can tailor their trip to their own desires. This leaves plenty of time for sunbathing, swimming and enjoying an evening drink on the upper-deck. Find more information at:

  • Great Prices – Ha Long is a well-known choice for travellers of all budgets so there is guaranteed to be the trip you are looking for. Even for travellers on a budget or those with time restrictions, it’s the perfect weekend trip from Hanoi. Travelling in low season (between May and September) will guarantee even cheaper options, and you’re more likely to get the beach all to yourself. For a two-day one-night cruise, prices range from $100-$130 per person, and more luxury cruises will fetch slightly higher prices – still an absolute steal compared to a similar experience anywhere else in the world.

  • An Amazing Variety of Activities – Cruise itineraries are diverse and offer a range of ways to spend your time. From kayaking to squid fishing, swimming to trekking, Ha Long Bay lends itself to a great variety of activities. Some activities are more sport-based, entertaining a younger, more adventurous demographic, and some are more relaxing and popular with visitors looking to put their feet up for a couple of days. Whatever you’re after, Ha Long Bay has the answer. There are even fishing trips to local villages giving visitors the chance to experience the ‘day in the life’ culture of local people.

All in all, a trip to Vietnam would be incomplete without a trip to the world-famous waters of Ha Long Bay. Whether its for a luxury family cruise, or a quick trip with a couple of mates, this is a must-see region of the world that’ll provide the experience of a lifetime.

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