Indochine Cruise Brings Old Time Charm to Halong - Lan Ha Bay

The northwest corner of Vietnam will, at the end of March 2019, be the new home of a cruise encapsulating luxury and colonial charm – the Indochine Cruise.

This brand new, 5-star vessel is one of the crowning achievements of Indochina Sails, a firmly established cruise company with over 20 years of experience in Halong Bay.

However, the Indochine Cruise will break from its predecessor and set sail into a new land at the end of this month. Lan Ha Bay is located just to the south of Halong Bay, but represents a much calmer and more uncluttered region; one where the power of nature is undisturbed by the roar of boats’ engines.

Here, smooth waterways cut between beautiful mountains of limestone, each topped with a forest of green trees that stand proudly over fishing villages, caves and vast areas of silent water. It is in this picture of paradise where the Indochine cruise will find its home.

Indochine Cruise Halong Lan Ha Bay

Timeless Cabins

The base for every discovery stems from comfort, and this is something that the cabins of the Indochine Cruise supply in abundance. 43 stylish rooms will be presented across four different options ranging from the 32m2 Junior Suite Cabin to the 80m2 Presidential Suite.

Each cabin is dressed gracefully in light palette colours and contrasted with burnished wooden furnishings, striking a balance that breathes luxury with a colonial tinge. The interior tiles and marble floors of the en suite bathrooms are matched in elegance by natural scenes viewable from the balconies and wall-length windows.

Inviting Facilities

The Indochine Cruise features not one, but two spacious restaurants. The artistic flourishes in the Tonkin Restaurant and golden tones of the An Nam Restaurant reflect the vibrant style of the food served within. Both restaurants provide delicious a la carte and buffet options alongside constant views of the outstanding landscape as it scrolls past the windows.

The rear of the third floor is reserved for possibly the height of luxury on the Indochine Cruise – the lounge and Jacuzzi plunge pool. The dark chic and floral patterns here create an exclusive atmosphere topped with premium comfort, while the large hot tub outside provides scintillating relaxation.

Relaxation continues both below the lounge, in the fully equipped spa centre and above, across the sprawling sundeck and international bar. From the comfort of either the massage table or a sun lounger, guests will be able to lie back in style and let the aura of Lan Ha Bay wash calmly over them.

A Stimulating Itinerary

Across the tranquil bay guests will be transported to different worlds of natural and architectural wonderment. In the Dark & Bright Caves, Three Peach Islet and Ong Cam Bay, guests will be able to kayak atop glossy waters and recline on golden sands, absorbing the unbridled nature around them as they do so.

At the island village of Viet Hai and the floating village of Van Boi, there will be the chance to experience a completely different approach to life by some of the dedicated locals of Lan Ha Bay.

Guests on a charter cruise will be able book a floating bar excursion and a romantic dinner in a candlelit cave. The true beauty of Lan Ha Bay shines through in these incredibly peaceful and intimate settings.

This and much more awaits on the decks of the Indochine Cruise; Lan Ha Bay’s newest venture into luxury.

For more information, please contact:

Indochine Cruise

Address: 27A6 Dam Trau, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi

Hotline: +84 98 204 2426


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