5 Experiences on the Indochina Sails Cruise

Halong Bay is always welcoming its passengers to new experiences. Most itineraries here offer a cruise that even experienced cruise lovers find fresh and exhilarating. On the Indochina Sails, this is a guarantee; we make sure that our cruise is unlike anything that our passengers have sailed on before. These are the top 5 experiences on the Indochina Sails, each taking place in an ancient and truly exceptional landscape.

Kayaking Although it may be hard to leave the relaxed atmosphere of the cruise, most people would agree that it’s worth it for kayaking. Kayaking is a great way to explore the bay under your own steam, but still with the safety of a professional guide and several members of staff to watch over you. Halong Bay’s beauty is magnified from close quarters, and kayaking around the base of tree-clad mountains can reveal a whole new dimension to the otherworldly seascape. It’s a quick and simple way to see more of Halong Bay and get a whole new perspective on its beauty.

Dining Of all of the experiences on the Indochina Sails listed here, none quite impart the feeling of luxury like dining in the cruise’s magnificent restaurant. Burnished wooden flooring, large windows and gorgeous mood lighting all combine here to provide the perfect atmosphere to accompany delicious meals. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, passengers have a chance to select from locally caught seafood, Vietnamese specialities and western comforts, each cooked to perfection by experienced chefs with a desire to put Vietnam on a plate for our international guests. Meals are served in buffet or set menu forms, each offering something different and showing the various angles to local cuisine.

Tai Chi at Sunrise It’s hard to think of a better start to the day in Halong Bay than with a slow and highly meditative session of tai chi. Through gradually unfurling the body and mind, passengers can wake up properly to the new day with the guide of a professional tai chi teacher. This teacher will take absolute beginners through the processes that have helped Vietnamese people to begin each day with renewed vigour. Though many Vietnamese start this day in smoggy Hanoi, passengers of the Indochina Sails have a chance to try it in one of the most beautiful settings on earth. Sunrise is a magical spectacle in Halong Bay, and probably worthy of a place in Indochina Sails’ best experiences in its own right, but being coupled with tai chi certainly assures its spot.

An Unforgettable Sunset Acting out the sun’s second spectacle of the day, the sunset is yet another unmissable experience in Halong Bay. By standing on the sundeck, passengers become the audience to a beautiful light performance, where red and orange tones are streaked across the sky and the shadows of enormous limestone towers lengthen across the darkening water. Hear the clicking of cameras on Indochina Sails’ sundeck as passengers get the most out of this wonderful and raw display of nature. At the same time as the sunset, the sundeck of the Indochina Sails becomes a hive of social activity, where passengers can mingle and share their photos of the day. A fruit carving demonstration is also put on by the chef in the bay’s dying light, helping to ground the beauty in attractive Vietnamese culture.

Sleeping Overnight in Halong Bay.

Passengers exhausted from their many new experiences in Halong Bay can end the day with one more. Sleeping overnight in Halong Bay carries its own sort of magic as it is often when passengers experience the crisp silence of the bay for the first time. This is a huge reason why a lot of visitors to Halong opt for an overnight cruise or 2-night cruise instead of a quick daytrip.

On the Indochina Sails, passengers are guaranteed of the utmost comfort while absorbing the incredible atmosphere of the moonlit Halong Bay. Between the superior cabin and the president suite, guests can recline on a thick mattress under the flow of a powerful air-conditioner. The modern features of the Indochina Sails also offer anti-shake technology to ensure that we stay perfectly still as we float.

To learn more about these experiences yourself, as well as see several pictures of Indochina Sails’ 5-star Halong Bay cruise, please click here.

To learn more about these experiences yourself, as well as see several pictures of Indochina Sails’ 5-star Halong Bay cruise, please click here.

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